Battlelands Royale

  • Game Type
  • Shooting, Action
  • Developer
  • Futureplay
  • Platform
  • Array
  • Price
  • Free

Battlelands Royale Game Review

Battlelands Royale is an action game. It is developed by Futureplay. It was published for iOS and Android devices in June 2018.

This game has 4 modes. Solo, Duos, Squads and Supply Rush.

Battlelands Royale doesn't come with a big back-story. You select your character and start playing. The game starts with you being dropped from the sky and landing straight into the battlefield. Your goal is to kill everyone and be the last person standing alive.

There is a timer on the top center of your screen. Your battle area will start to shrink once the time runs out. So you have to be aware of the time and your surroundings during the game. To win the game, kill everyone before the time runs out.

There are weapons, health kits and other items randomly scattered around the battlefield. Collect as much as you can to survive each level. These items will also appear on the spots where you kill your opponents. To collect these, move your character to the items and wait a few seconds for them to...fully load. To prevent yourself from getting shot or to sneak attack, use the rocks, walls and other buildings.

At the end of the game you will be scored for Double Kills, Triple Kills, Weapons Collected, Other Items Collected, Supply Crates and Supply Drops. Participate in special events to collect more rewards. You will receive daily bonus too. Sometimes you will have to use gems to participate in certain events or to unlock characters. You can also to skip a level if you want by spending some gems.

The controls are very simple in Battlelands Royale. There is a circle button on the left bottom corner of your screen. Use it to direct your character's movements. To attack tap on the buttons on the right bottom corner of your screen.

Battlelands Royale is a free to play game where you can buy many in-game items with real money.

This is a good game with cute characters. The cartoonish visuals make the game less violent for the eyes and more fun to play.

Questions & Answers

Can I play Battlelands Royale offline?

No, you cannot play Battlelands Royale without being connected to the internet. But, you have the option to practice offline.

What is the age rating for Battlelands Royale?

Battlelands Royale is rated PEGI 7. Game content with scenes or sounds that can possibly be frightening to younger children fall in this category. Very mild forms of violence and profanity can be expected in games with a PEGI 7 rating.

Does Battlelands Royale contain ads?

Yes, there are ads in Battlelands Royale.

What devices is Battlelands Royale compatible with?

You can play Battlelands Royale on devices with at least Android version 4.1 or iOS version 9.0

Does Battlelands Royale offer in-app purchases?

Yes, it offers in-app purchases.

Game links for Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is available on multiple platforms. Click on the buttons below to visit the app store of your chosen platform to download the game.


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